Deal Alert: BHLDN (and more!) at Gilt!


Two deals in one week? Both from Gilt? I think Gilt is fast becoming my new BFF!

Y’all know how I feel about the (ridiculously overpriced) beautiful stuff at BHLDN, so I’m stoked that it’s on sale today. Because, for real? No one should be paying full price over there. They have officially LOST THEIR MINDS when they set the prices at BHLDN.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s my faves from the sale:

Tulle Era Dress by BHLDN

Available in very few sizes, but such a beautiful dress! You could also rock this at your engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Gorgeous!

Vivacity Silk Dress by BHLDN

Killer bridesmaids dress! Love the color, love the price ($129)! And it’s available in many sizes. This is actually making me re-think my bridesmaid dress choice!

And, this time, your groom gets some love too!

Tuxedo by Jack Victor Studio

Also, clutches! Which I strangely want for the wedding, even though I KNOW I won’t use it. Have you ever seen the bride carry a purse? Whatever. This is a lovely clutch. Go buy it before I do.

Palm Springs Convertible Clutch by Inge Christopher

Ok, kids. Things are literally selling out as a type this. So, just get over there and shop before everything is gone!

Need an invite? here it is: Click here

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